In the still of the night, when all are asleep

Innocence is taken for another to keep

My life was an ‘evil routine’

Dirty feelings – I’m not squeaky clean


My reflection - "Who are you?”

My body - "Who does it belong to?”

These scars, these feelings 

I can’t undo


Scrub my body to wash history away

Erase the pain of a memory I live everyday

“DON’T YOU DARE TELL A SOUL!” repeated in my head

Can’t close my eyes when I’m lying in bed


The cracks open up in my protective wall

I’m sinking deeper, I watch myself fall

Till I’m submerged in my demons embrace

What a stigma, what a disgrace


Silver linings are found in dark clouds on the way

I know my rainbow’s end will come one day

In any form it chooses to show

When it does, I will know


Acknowledge the pain, 

Appreciate the rain

Feel the water on your skin

Let it heal you, let it in


Take a deep breath, slow down

This is the world -  look around

Relief is what I’m longing for, to feel alive

Through my pain I develop, and in life I thrive.